About TNEG

What we’re about

The True North Enthusiasts Group (TNEG) is a government registered non-profit organization that was founded with the following guiding principals:

  • Be passionate about cars, especially those engineered in Germany
  • Embrace variety and differing tastes
  • Create lots of memories with others who share in our passion
  • Challenge negative stereotypes that may exist about car enthusiasts
  • Make a positive impact to the communities we are a part of

Is TNEG one club or 3 clubs?

The easiest way to think of TNEG is that it is an umbrella club name. Each club that falls under the TNEG umbrella generally operates independently (ex. different events, cruises, staff, etc) but shares the same guiding principals. The directors of each club also get together to discuss and make decisions that affect all clubs under the TNEG brand of clubs. Every automotive season all the TNEG clubs get together to hold joint events under the TNEG name to signify that while we all operate as independent clubs we are all related and part of a larger family. This strength in numbers allows us to do bigger and more elaborate events than what each club might be able to pull off individually.